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With more than a decade of experience, design aficionado and creative provocateur, Herman Delos Santos, has facilitated projects in multiple disciplines of design.  Herman’s creative career as a bicycle artisan began at the age of 15 when he fabricated his first bike accessories on an oak tree stump.  Distinguishing himself amongst the thousands of competing entries, he won 2002, 2005, and 2006 Trike of the Year in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Another of his extraordinary achievements during the same period, he also won 2005 Bike of the Year for his radically commissioned bicycle frame.

A native of Dallas, Texas, Herman states that, “creative arts have always been a part of my life. Throughout childhood, all I wanted to do was play music and draw.”  In 2004 he moved to the culture-rich and sublime urban city of San Francisco, where the Academy of Art University (AAU) awaited his relentless mind of creative purity.  With an unyielding passion for cars, motorcycles, boats and planes, Herman pursued Transportation Design under the Industrial Design curriculum.  Following graduation in 2009, Herman has had an illustrious career in fine art, fashion, graphic arts, aviation, and the transportation design industries.  Currently a foundations instructor in the Industrial Design Department at the Academy of Art, he teaches analysis of proportion and form-language through multiple drawing mediums.  He also influences upper-level students with project experiences and conceptual design artistry.

August 2012 was the inception of HERMAN FRANCISCO, an exquisite jewelry company where elegance and the avant-garde harmonize into timeless design fantasies.  Self-taught in the fashion world of jewelry, Herman’s leading edge is his aesthetic approach and methodology to sculpting form, techniques influenced from early years of playing music.  The melodic trance of climactic chords and articulations are transformed into rhythmic detailing and surfaces of composed fluidity.  Each piece harmonizes a melody and evokes a story that charms those into a new dimension. “Meticulously tailored and dynamically balanced silhouettes,” says Herman of his core design philosophy, “I always had a flair for accessories growing up.  I wore a gold diamond-cut-rope chain, rings and watch.  Dignified style motivated by my mother and the entrepreneurial ambition of my father.”  Herman smiles fondly.

Uncompromising and unorthodox sophistication are embodied within Herman. As an individual and a brand, he explores all genres of design—not only to learn, but to understand the deep context of each concept.  “Project the story told, all will sing.”